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All About Absolute & Total Construction

Many components are needed to operate a successful business. Over the last 12 years, Absolute & Total Construction, Inc. has created a model that we’re proud of. Our success does not hinge on the bottom line, instead, serving our clients based on values and priorities takes precedence.

Believe it or not, renovation is intrinsically individual so from the beginning, we ensure your creative vision is set on a trajectory for success.

We will always act in the interest of our client unless doing so violates a law. From the beginning through the completion of your project, we center our interactions around communication that is open & readily understandable.

Company Values


We are very honest and open. We provide full transparency from start to finish. It is our belief that transparency builds trust, which in turn gives everyone peace of mind. As one of our core values, Transparency makes us an industry leader in home renovations.


We truly believe that honesty is the best policy and is at the foundation of a successful and long-lasting business relationship.
Without honesty, the partnership will not work. We take pride in knowing that we are honest in all our business dealings and we let you know exactly what you are getting and deliver on that promise no matter the cost to us.

Work Ethic

Our Work Ethic is second to none. We work hard for you, no matter the size of the job. As you work with us you will see our core values stand out which includes our strong work ethic. It is always our determination and desire to complete the job on time and done exactly to our client’s specifications.


The workmanship of this company is impeccable. We found the workers to be reliable and extremely responsible. In addition to this, the owner(s) kept good open communication and also held to their commitment of craftsmanship
Chris R

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Remodeling your home shouldn’t be stressful.  We take the stress out of the remodel by making it easy by providing you with only essential and pertinent options so you can  Renovate Your Way. Schedule a free consultation with us!